August 19

Rally August 19.


We are planning to find a place with a view of the bandstand, but away from the boundary zone. Then we will set up and play with bubbles and toys people bring of an obviously non-weapon type. We’ll sing and demonstrate that there are more lovers in greater Boston than haters.

Before Saturday:

Here are the very basics. I recommend that you get to a full training, if you are moved to participate in actions like this. There is a possibility of danger. Here’s a link to training.

Arrange with someone not at the rally to be your base contact person. Write their phone number on your arm with a Sharpie. This is someone who is NOT on the Common with you.

Arrange a check-in time with someone away from the rally.

Arrange a regrouping spot with your group, in case you are separated.

Phone must do’s:

  • Install a password on your phone, if you don’t already have one.
  • Set up the medical ID: Apple or Android
  • Charge your phone on Friday night.

Optional: Choose a live stream option and practice using it. Install Firechat on your smartphone.

Collect these kinds of things to pack on Saturday:

Small containers for any essential medications. If it is essential for you to carry something with a prescription, bring one dose in the prescription bottle.

Essentials from your wallet: Photo ID, 1 credit card, 1 bank card, cash, Charlie Card, medical insurance ID.

Use clear demonstration backpacks, if you have them. Otherwise, expect to have your bag searched.

Cover your hair for heat/sun protection. Sunglasses. Bring another bandana as a spare (and hopefully not instant gas mask.) Bring sunscreen.

Choose two or more lightweight water bottles. Fill and chill them.

Make a sign, if you are moved to do so. NO STICKS.

Plan for visible and loud fun to bring with you. Balloons, beach balls, bubbles, glitter, song lists, riddles, kazoos, small plastic instruments (no metal instruments, not drumsticks, don’t bring good drums that you’d hate to lose.) Print out a list of common song titles, so people can quickly choose a rousing chorus of “Old MacDonald” or something like that. Doing it early will create a better list. Don’t make lots of copies of things.

Update: Banned items:

 – Firearms, knives, weapons, sharp objects, shields, or fireworks
– Pop-up tents or canopies
– Cans, glass containers, pre-mixed beverages, or alcoholic beverages
– Wagons or pull carts
– Coolers
– Drones
– Pets (excluding certified service animals)
– Grills, propane tanks, or open flames
– Bicycles
– Flag poles, bats, clubs, sticks (including signs attached to sticks)
– Any athletic equipment or other item that could be used as a weapon

Day of:

Eat breakfast!

Bring lunch and water. Bring the other stuff you collected to play with.

Note: Legal observers will be wearing green hats! Look for them if you are near trouble.

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