Class descriptions

Bystander 1: This is the basic class. It is important to attend the first class, Decisions about Intervention before learning techniques. Please sign up for both classes in the same month to help with continuity of the class membership.

Decisions about Intervention: Are you the right person to intervene? What are the personal ramifications of your actions? What decisions must you make before being called to action by circumstance? Some people should not be interveners. For them, there are other ways to help. This may be witnessing. This may be supporting an intervener. This may be creating video. This may be writing or teaching or buying the paper plates for the meeting. Learn how to use your personal skills for justice in America. We will also explore what actions are needed that are important. We will consider what you can do that will empower you to do more.  You will leave with a list of resources.

Bystander Intervention Practices: (Prerequisite: Decisions about intervention)

Given your physical type and presentation, gender, race, social status, geographic location, there are better and worse ways to intervene in a conflict situation. Learn how to identify a circumstance that requires intervention.  Learn your go-to interventions. Learn to choose the most effective tactic from your bag of tricks. Practice this with the group. You will leave with a list of resources.



For the sake of security, the location for these classes will be sent to you by email, after you register. Here is a description of current venues, so that you can choose one that suits your needs.

List of venues

Classes now registering for Arlington, Massachusetts. Registration Here.

Suggested donation to defray costs and support the class, $15-30 a night. Please bring cash or a checkbook. You are welcome regardless of your ability to pay.


Teacher bio:

Rona Fischman holds an MS in Counselor Education. She counseled and taught teenagers and adults, specializing in language and communication. She wrote curriculum for non-violent direct action in the 1980s and 1990s, for projects against nuclear power and against domestic violence. She is a founding member and early leader in the Daughters of Abraham interfaith book group model. She currently runs a small real estate buyer’s brokerage in Cambridge, MA.