Core Topics Outline

All sessions that cover, Verbal Self-Defense and Intervention, will include these topics:

  1. Bold and reserved – what is your style for conflict resolution?
  2. What are the goals of aggressors? What are the levels of aggression? How do they affect the target?
  3. Responding to Conflict with people you know
    1. Verbal techniques
    2. Physical strategies

Goal: Your goal is not to change someone else’s mind. Your goal is to stand in your own truth. The more of us that do that, the more the society will move in the direction of those truths. Everyone within hearing can be changed by your statements.


All sessions that cover Active Bystander Practices will include these topics:

Goal: To defuse the situation and separate people who are hostile to one another.

  1. Notice
  2. Decide if interaction is appropriate, or problematic. Situational awareness and reading body language.
  3. Take responsibility
  4. Decide how to react
  5. Act
    1. In open spaces
    2. In enclosed spaces
    3. Physical strategies
      1. Draw attention (Get people around you to notice a problem brewing.)
      2. Distract (Interrupt the hostility. Give the target a chance to flee.)
      3. Delegate (Bring in other people to help get a person in trouble to safety.)
      4. Distance (Separate the aggressor from the target.)
      5. Delay (Caring for the target’s delayed reaction.)