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Thank you for coming! Below are resources I have picked from my files for you. I hope you find them useful.

I write about active bystander intervention, ally tactics, or social and economic justice every Monday on my blog.

The ones about bystander intervention and active ally tactics are found in this category, if you want to read the older posts.

About the classes I can teach:

 What do you stand for?

About bullying/microaggression and aggression:

Levels of aggression chart

What’s microaggression?

Values clarification exercises:

Values clarification.what you want in life list:

Value clarification. Core values list:


For reserved people:

advice for reserved people

Why people do not respond to facts. Why do people get angry when you disagree with them? 

Stepping in with strangers. Physical signs of aggression. Supplemental information:

Physically aggressive people:

What does dominant physical posturing look like?

Aggressive body language:


Summary, one page handouts, short articles and blogs:

Bystander basic: Standing against Islamophobia:

Acting on behalf of others, not only about hate speech. Written for college students:

How to stop hate crime.

Bill Moyers on hate speech

Should you intervene?

If politics is causing stress:

multiple teaching tools:



Distracting the target, how to:


Distance: (foul language warning!)

Intervening with the aggressor:

Intervening with violent aggressor: Anti-Muslim attack stopped by a Latina in NYC (foul language.) shooting

These are harder and should not be tried unless you are sure of safety for everyone in the area:

Disrupting hate speech:

Pacing. This from a comedy show. It demonstrates how to get someone out of uncontrolled emotion:



Legal observer training

Phone security at protests

About children at protests:

About children at protests:


Women’s guide to conflict resolution: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Conflict Management By Elinor Robin, PhD

Tongue Fu!: How to Deflect, Disarm, and Defuse Any Verbal Conflict by Sam Horn