Decluttering: the next generation

One of the prime retirement-home destinations is “where-the-kids-live.” Several of my clients have asked my advice about whether or not their parents should pick up stakes and move into our area.

The big question for most people is where to begin. I can advise about the cost of the market and the options here. I can drive people around and explain the area (as I would any relocator). I can identify services and amenities. But, I cannot help the discernment necessary to decide to leave a long-term home in another town.

clutterStep one is often decluttering and evaluating the current living space. How do you de-clutter a house that has been lived-in for decades? Decluttering can help answer the question, “Should I move or stay?”

The Moving Solutions provide a service for people who want to declutter, whether to move, just to feel better about their place, or in order to properly stage it for sale.

From their site, a decluttering suggestion for anyone: Do one type of thing every month for a year. I really like their attitude. They liken decluttering to losing 100 pounds. If you take it slow and do it steady, you will succeed.

I agree with most everything, except, please let me help you find the listing agent if someone you know is about to sell! I see listing agents in action every day. I know which ones are really taking care of their clients and which ones are putting the deal together for their own expedience and profit. Also, I can call people like me — exclusive buyer’s agents — who can name the loyal listing agents in their town.

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