Scary real estate agents

Happy Halloween, when the ghosts of transactions past haunt sellers and buyers throughout the Commonwealth. What keeps you up at night?

frankesteinThe agent who is not well put together?

ghostThe agent who disappears?

zombiesThe agent who needs more brains?




The “buyer’s agent” who is working at the open house for the seller?

vampireWhat the seller thinks they are doing: Representing the house and the seller’s interest in the house.

What they are doing: Sucking up new buyers who come to see a house.

It is called “designated agency” in Massachusetts. It is called “dual agency” elsewhere. It’s scary and it is legal.

The “buyer’s agent” works the open house, where they need to protect the house from damage, prevent theft, and market the house to the prospective buyers who attend the open house. Instead, they are collecting names and chatting up prospective buyers, regardless of whether that buyer is interested in that particular house.

Why should this scare you? The interests of the agent and the interests of the real estate company are not aligned with your interests as a consumer.


Is your house being marketed well at this open house?

Is your house being protected at this open house? Many are not.


If this agent gets their business by being invited to work these open houses, will your “buyer’s agent” be willing to go to the mattress against that listing agent to get you the best price and terms?

pumpkinsOur motto: Friends don’t let friends hire dual agents.

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