Dubious housing market data

As you know, I think that most real estate “data” is self-serving and mostly manipulative. Here’s one for your holiday reading pleasure. Happy 4th of July!

house.moneyA factor has been identified that significantly increased the number of house-hunters after the 2012 election cycle.

It was not the re-election of President Obama, the presence of absence of the Affordable Care Act provisions, it was not the presence or absence of a Republican Governor.

The facts are startling (even though the data mentioned doesn’t match their chart).

  1. New York Homes for Sale Search Increase: 22%
  2. Maryland Homes for Sale Search Increase: 14%

The cause is something more social, less overtly political, more important to a specific demographic. States where medical marijuana has been legalized have more house hunters on houses.com. Their research indicated that Baby Boomers are more willing to buy or to trade up in states where they can enjoy nature’s painkiller, if they become ill.

OK. I just plugged House.com. They win! Even bad information gets my attention now and again.

Happy 4th of July.  fireworks2

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