Election Day 2022


There may have been stolen elections in America, but 2020 was not one of them.

In 1960, there were some questionable practices in Chicago; the losing candidate conceded. In 2000, there were some questionable practices in Florida; the losing candidate conceded. One losing candidate was Republican, one was Democrat. That is how the country stays a democracy. A democracy goes on when a recognized election result creates a peaceful transition of power.

In 2021, an armed mob breached the Capitol building and threatened the lives of the Vice President and members of Congress. Five people died at the scene, and one the next day, of injuries. Four DC Metropolitan police officers committed suicide related to this attack. [source] $1.5M of damage was done to the Capitol building. [source]

Members of Congress have been shown to have supported and were part of the planning for that attack. They are Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), and Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.). These elected officials still have support in the Republican Party. Meanwhile, all of the Republicans who joined the committee to investigate the attack on the Capitol were removed from office by primary challengers during the 2022 election cycle.

In 2022, it is acceptable to Republican voters that their elected representatives give aid to people who disrupted the workings of Congress and violently tried to stop the certification of a lawful election.

In 2022, it is not acceptable to Republican voters that their elected representatives conduct an inquiry into a mob attempt to stop the certification of a lawful election.

Run-up to Election 2022

Less than two weeks before the American election, a man entered the private residence of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, D-CA. The attacker states that his intent was to kidnap the Speaker. She was not home. Instead, he attacked the Speaker’s husband and fractured his skull.

There have been elected officials attacked in America before. Notably, Gabby Gifford (D-AZ) was shot in 2011 and Steve Scalise (R_LA) was shot in 2017. This attack is is different. In 2022, prominent people in the Republican sphere – including the son of the past president – make jokes about and spread false rumors about the victim, Paul Pelosi.

In 2022, it is acceptable to Republican voters that Republican public figures can mock the victim of violent crime and not lose their support. Where is the Republican push-back on Republican figures who condoned the attack on the Capitol? Why is there so little push-back on the threats to the life of Vice President Pence and the rest of Congress on January 6, 2021? What has happened to the humanity of Republican voters, who continue to support Republicans who find funny the degradation of victims of violent crime?

As President Biden said, on November 2, 2022:

“we…stand against political violence and voter intimidation.” “We don’t settle our differences…with a riot, a mob, or a bullet, or a hammer. We settle them peacefully at the ballot box.” Third, he said, “we believe in democracy…. History and common sense tell us that liberty, opportunity, and justice thrive in a democracy, not in an autocracy.”

Election Day, 2022

There are Republicans running on platforms that disregard the electoral process. Some continue to dispute the proven election of 2020. Some are actively running on platforms that support securing the primacy of their party by changing election laws.

Countries where elections are overturned by mob rule are not functioning democracies. Why are Republican voters taking a “win at any cost” attitude, when the cost is American’s right to vote? Republican candidates who continue to question the 2020 election are not worthy of your vote.

Heather Cox Richardson published on this topic this week. She concludes by quoting the President:

“[President Joe Biden] urged voters to judge the candidates by whether they would accept the legitimate will of the American people. “Will that person accept the outcome of the election, win or lose?” The answer to that question should be decisive. “Too many people have sacrificed too much for too many years for us to walk away from the American project and democracy…. It’s within our power, each and every one of us, to preserve our democracy.”

“You have the power, it’s your choice, it’s your decision, the fate of the nation, the fate of the soul of America lies where it always does, with the people, in your hands, in your heart, in your ballot.”


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