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Wherever I go, here I am

Welcome to my business blog. I hope some of you who know me from Boston.comwill find me here and stay. I intend to continue doing what I have been doing at for the past five years. 
What will be different here is that I will be more unabashed about discussing issues that affect house buyers and house owners. There are dangers out there regarding the process of buying and selling real estate, I will be writing about them here. There are tricks to negotiating, tricks to finding good properties, tricks to keeping your head when the market is shifting. I will be writing about them here. There is a lot to know about keeping a house going in our old housing stock and temperate climate. I will be writing about them here. 
 I will continue to focus on these major areas:
  • Local market conditions and advice on handling them.
  • Lending and changes in lending.
  • Laws that affect house buyers and sellers.
  • Pluses and minuses of different types of living arrangements. This will include condominium living, two-family house living, single family house living, life in the city, life in the suburbs, renting, and being a landlord.
  • What to expect when you are house hunting.
  • News about communities.
  • Information about repairing and remodeling houses and condos.
I will continue to answer your questions. So ask away byemail  Is there anything you want to hear about that I didn’t get to on Is there something you want to know more about?

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