Register Now. This Election Matters.

Some people are being taken off the voting rolls because they didn’t vote in a primary, or they didn’t answer a mailing asking to confirm their address. Don’t let this happen to you. Check your status. 

If you are not registered, here is how to register, anywhere in the United States.

Massachusetts primaries are early this year. They are on September 4. That is the day after Labor Day. If you are going to be too busy with first-day-of-school or if you won’t be home yet, file for an absentee ballot in your town.

Two islands in America have registration deadlines in September. Other deadlines fall throughout October and into November.

Take the time to check your registration. Register as soon as you can. Most states have online registration. They ask for a state ID or driver’s license and your social security number. It should be simple. But, in case it’s not, do it now.

If you don’t have a state ID or driver’s license with your current address, get that now. Polling places can ask for ID, and that is the ID they mostly accept. For some people, this is a hassle, but so is losing your voice in democracy.

Please vote in 2018.

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