Why did they do that?

In the process of house hunting with my clients, I see some pretty strange renovations. But this one, well, it makes the top ten for weirdness.

toilet.attic2 See for yourself:

Yes, that’s an unfinished attic.

Yes, that is a toilet.

Yes, that is a connected toilet.

It is a fairly old toilet — with a large tank. It was probably there for a long, long time.



There are multiple problems with this set up.

A. Who would want to pee/poop there? I have seen similarly exposed toilet in basements. But people regularly do laundry or work on messy tasks in a basement. It is rare that anyone spends waking hours in an unfinished attic.

B. It can get to freezing temperatures in the attic. That toilet could freeze, crack, and leak through the ceiling.

C.  If no one used it for a while, the water in the toilet could evaporate. That would allow sewer gases to rise through the pipe into the attic. Sewer gases are not merely smelly, they can be dangerous.


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