And the winners are…

This year, the Groundhog’s Day contest winners are getting Yum Restaurant Cards. This is a way to say, “thank you” to our Facebook friends and our clients.

YUM_2015Why did we choose the Yum Restaurant cards?

Something everyone likes. When I thought about things of value that make Somerville a place to go, the restaurants, theater, and live music venues are what comes to mind. Since food, theater, and music are a matter of taste, I looked for something that could please almost anyone. Variety is the spice of life and this variety has spice.

Supports a great cause. The restaurant card program is a fund-raiser for The Welcome Project. Dennis and I are long-time supporters of this group who work with immigrants throughout the city. Among their programs are (Liaison Interpreter Program of Somerville or LIPS), English Classes, and Summer Youth “Culture Camp.” I especially think that the LIPS program is brilliant because it fills several needs at once.

Don’t miss the YUM Festival, The Taste of Immigrant Somerville on April 16th. We almost never miss it; we also never get to eat from every table because we get way too full!

These cards are for the winners to enjoy. If you want one, and you didn’t win, buy your own here.

And the winners are:

Abbe Cohen Dvornik
Jen Breneisen
Jason Stonehouse
Simon Volpini and Pat Thatcher
Karen Schneiderman
Francesca Civano and Giovanni Di Milia
Rachel Pinsky
Ellen Gallagher and Allyson Goose
Ethan and Aili Contini-Field

These are the immigrant-run restaurants in Somerville participating in YUM: A Taste of Immigrant City 2015. You can sample their foods at the YUM event on April 16, 2015. You can also purchase a  YUM restaurant card, which will enable you to enjoy a 10% off discount for orders of $25 or more at all participating restaurants:


bernieblanket1Rona and Dennis Fischman

and Bernie the groundhog




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